Massachusetts Food Policy Alliance
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The MA Food Policy Alliance is currently on hiatus. We’re participating in the statewide food system planning effort ( and hope that when that wraps up we’ll have a role in implementation.


To bring together diverse stakeholders across the food system, from farmers to consumers, to create a sustainable, systemic, effective and inclusive food policy for Massachusetts.  


The Massachusetts Food Policy Alliance (MFPA) formed in 2007 and is a committed group of leaders working on food, public health, nutrition, agriculture, hunger, land preservation, and related policy issues in the Commonwealth. The MFPA worked closely with MA Representatives Stephen Kulik and Linda Forry to pass the legislation establishing the Massachusetts Food Policy Council.  

  • Increase local food production in Massachusetts.
  • Sustain and increase the Massachusetts ad regional agricultural economy.
  • Expand access to and consumption of state and regionally produced foods across socio-economic groups.
  • Promote environmental sustainability in the Massachusetts and regional food system.
  • Improve the health of Massachusetts residents as it relates to our food system. Protect Massachusetts farmland.
  • Support the next generation of food producers in Massachusetts and the region.
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